Alpine School Model

The Alpine School Model’s (ASM) aim is to raise awareness about Alpine natural and cultural values by :

  • Designing an innovative educational approach based on more interconnected, formal and non-formal territorial educational systems and orienting its methodological and organisational bases to education for sustainable development (ESD) and MOE model,
  • Promoting youth participation in the political, social and economic life of the Alps,  in particular “…fostering green skills with further development of training and academic programs” (Alpine Convention’s Sixth Report on the State of the Alps).

The Alpine School Model is a governance tool whose end purpose is to:

  • be a recognized reference for specific values, aims and educational criteria,
  • codify procedures to better coordinate formal and non-formal education,
  • improve exchange within a specific network,
  • valorise schools within specific certification procedures.

The Alpine School Model (ASM) is one of the main outputs of the Alpine Space project YOUrALPS.

The development of the ASM implies a joint international approach being based on a theoretical model on mountain-oriented education (MoE) and its practical application by 14 pilot sites.

Hence, the definition of the pedagogical approaches, contents and methodological tools represents a solid basis for pilot sites to test the theoretical indications in practice. Information, consultation and co-designing activities regarding several stakeholders form the participatory approach on the subject. This way, the theoretical framework will be tested, elaborated and improved throughout the duration of the project.

What's the Alpine School ?


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Alpine School Manual


The Alpine School Model manual consists in an extensive and detailed description of the model that touches every aspect of this pedagogical tool. It presents the scientific basis on which the model is shaped; in particular, the principles of Education for Sustainable Development as adapted to the Alpine context. The core of this publication is the definition and explanation of the seven structural criteria that schools are supposed to implement in order to become Alpine Schools. The document closes with the presentation of some virtuous examples from the project's pilot sites, and an overview of the ASM toolkit.

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Map of the certified Alpine School